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I have been going through some of the old animations that I did at VanArts when I attended the Summer camp program and posting them here. I have managed to put 3 of them up, you should be able to see them as 3 icons on the side bar. Unfortunately I couldn’t upload some of them because the free file host that I am using says they are too big (even though they are less than 10Mb).

That started me off on a whole new tangent, I need to have a little bit more space to put my stuff and expand, right now I am scrounging some space here and some space there and it doesnt feel organized and if I want to move things around then I think it would be a bit of a nightmare with all the links and stuff. So I started looking at different web hosts, the ones in Australia seem to be pretty expensive compared to the US ones. The best one in the US that I found is BlueHost but they dont do domain names. So I started learning about Domain Registeration in Australia and found that I could register a domain for $12 a year at intaServ. This way I can register a domain in Australia and then use a US based host to serve it out.

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