Day 1

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I will have to keep these message short since I am typing them on the mobile. To escape the city, catch a train or ferry, except in Holland of course. New Zealand can be windy at times for a cyclist but it also has lots of hot springs so at the end of the day… Read more »

Cycling North Island of NZ

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I am off to the North Island of New Zealand for a month of cycling. I am going to test posting to the blog via a video mobile and I have also added a new menu above called “NZ Trip Progress” which will display my progress as I get to internet cafe to update things…. Read more »

Europe Cycle Tour Google Map Photos

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Just finished updating the Europe Cycle Tour, drawing the route that we took using GPX Draw and using a combination of the gpssave gallery2 module and also some perl scripting to position the photos in the right spots on the map. Click here to have a look: That was the last of the cycle tours… Read more »