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GPX Draw is now at a useable stage, although I find that when inserting points the tolerance can be too low when zoomed out, need to make it so that the tolerance is dependent on the zoom. I have used GPX Draw to create a GPX log of my Cycle Tour from Sydney to Melbourne.

The next step was to have a program read this GPX file and a bunch of images and work out the approximate GPS for each image. I tried PhotoLinker and gpsPhoto, PhotoLinker has a nice Mac interface but it wasnt doing the weighted averaging that I needed and gpsPhoto wasn’t doing any averaging at all, so I ended up having to modify gpsPhoto which is a perl script linking to a bunch of handy libraries like ExifTool, to do what I wanted it to do.

Here is the perl

I was very pleased to see some images show up on the map finally after all the hard work. Take a look here, this is going through the Google Map Module for Gallery2 but I have modified it a bit so that it displays my track as well as the photos.

There are some problems that I ran into, biggest one being that I had to significantly drop the detail of the track down so that the google map api was displaying the data in a reasonable amount of time. I found this to be pretty disappointing but maybe a newer API will handle large number of points in GPolyline more efficiently. A fix would be to figure out what is within the view port and only feed the API the points inside and around the viewport and not the whole dataset, but that would take a fair bit of programming.

Another problem is that it can get quite crowded with the icons for all the images, the Google Map Module has some grouping features but they dont seem to work for me. Once I figure out the best way to make it all run more efficiently I will had some of the longer more interesting Cycle Tours and photos.

4 Responses to “Stamp GPS to Photos”

  1. Jaylon

    Is there any way that I can be traced using a GPS reciver thorugh internet, like if am outside and my GPS is working is there any application by which anybody can trace me sitting on computer?

  2. rumi

    Don’t know about that, but you probably don’t need to worry about that unless you are doing something pretty bad in which case you wouldnt be asking this here.

  3. rumi

    Hi Martin,
    Thank you very much for this pointer, it opens up a whole new area of possibilities for me.