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The following is my response to Storytelling Exercise 3.

1. The Profile

  • Who is the character?
    • a failed (never really tried that hard) artist
    • walks with crutches although he doesn’t need them
    • constantly lying to make himself look good
  • What does he feel?
    • frustrated
    • inferior
    • jealous
  • What does he think?
    • “I am so clever, I’m going to trick this person…”
    • “One day I will take over the world!”
    • Everyone is there for my benefit
  • What does he want?
    • power
    • other people to worship him

  • History
    • Lochlan wanted to be an artist when he was a kid but his father wanted him to be a politician and refused to buy him any brushes or paints. It all started in kindergarten where Sarah would do these beautiful drawings making Lochlan very jealous, one day he became so jealous that he stole one of Sarah’s drawings, crossed her name out and put his own name on it.

2. The location

    A great hall of a gallery at night with master paintings on the walls. The lights are low and the silence echos in the ears. The beam of a flash light momentarily cuts through the darkness.

3. The Observable characteristics/behaviours

    1. Skinny
    2. Big head
    3. Sneaky eyes
    4. A huge sharp, bent nose making look like a vulture
    5. Lean/haunted angular face
    6. Stooped posture
    7. Skinny useless legs
    8. Weak little arms
    9. Little bit of short curly hair on top of his head
    10. Carrying a torch
    11. Wearing a burglar’s mask
    12. Only uses crutches in the presence of other people
    13. Chain smoking
    14. Carrying an artists kit with him
    15. He is putting his name on the paintings

4. The Back story

Lochlan has broken into the gallery at night and is sneaking around with his torch light and his painting kit. It is not the first time he has done this, he waits for the guard to go downstairs then he starts on the paintings. He covers up the original artist’s name and then writes his own name on top. This all started in kindergarten when he took Sarah’s drawing and showed it to the teacher as his own. It has been one gallery after another since then, if only his father had allowed him to be a little kid and play as other kids do, things may be different now.

Here are some doodles of the character:


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