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The following are the sounds heard in the scene which I have chosen for Exercise 2:

Bird sounds all around. Insects buzzing. Wind gently blowing through tall trees.
Creaking of a bicycle chain. The rhythmic breathing of the bicycle rider.
A truck heard in the distance, silence, then truck sound heard again.
Truck sound now closer. Truck changing gears.
Truck engine very loud (almost deafening) now as it passes. Truck horn a friendly “Boop Boop”.
Truck sound becoming more distant.
Truck engine not straining any more and almost disappears.
Rhythmic breathing can be heard again, now heavier than before. Chain creaking. Repeated for a minute.
Relieved breathing. Creaking chain not heard any more.
Sound of tires zipping on asphalt building up. Sound of wind rushing past.
Brakes squealing.
Sound of wind rushing past and tire-zipping sound even louder now.
Suddenly a thud and a buzzing sound from a confined space.
More frantic buzzing. Paniced slaps on a hollow object.
Angry buzzing. Scream: “ARGHHHH! #$@&!!!”
Screeching sound of bicycle tire on asphalt. Metal hitting and scrapping along asphalt.
Gravel being scrapped and scattered.
Heavy, fast moving object crashing through bushes.
Loud bone crushing thud of a body hitting solid wood.
Silence for a moment with only the sound of a bicycle wheel spinning freely.
The sound of the insects and birds returns. Sound of a wasp buzzing away.

Here is a description of the scene:

Jack leans forward on his bike as he starts to climb the hill. The songs of the birds and the hum of the insects is only broken by the rhythmic sound of the pedals turning and his breathing becoming heavier. In the distance a truck can be heard intermittently as it winds around the twists and turns of the hilly road. The sound of the trucks engine becomes a roar as it gets closer to jack. Great puffs of diesel stench engulf Jack as the trucks roar becomes deafening and the driver not realizing the impact of his vehicle gives a friendly “Boop Boop” on the horn of the truck as he passes.

Struggling to breath, Jack slows down to increase the distance between him and the truck. In the distance the truck’s engine stops to strain as it reaches the top of the hill and it’s peaceful again.

It seems to Jack that getting off and walking may be faster and less strenuous but in this condition any change seems to be too hard work so he slugs through for another few minutes before reaching the top of the hill and claiming the downhill as his reward.

As he picks up speed the wind makes his eyes full of tears and blurs his vision. He carefully brakes and turns the chicane before picking up speed again. Suddenly a wasp slams in to his helmet and goes through one of the ventilation holes in Jack’s helmet. Jack can feel something crawling around his hair. Frantically he slaps at his helmet trying to free the wasp but the buzzing becomes angry. Jack screams as he is stung by the wasp and he grabs the brakes in reaction which makes the bike slide from under him causing him to lose control and crashing into a tree on the side of the road.

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