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I haven’t been posting much on the blog lately because there has been so much going on at school, it’s has been unbelievable, not really a moment to spare since I started the web portrait assignment.

I am the engine team leader for the collaborative project which has meant working from the start of the project so that we could tell the concept people what can and can not be done and then make prototypes of various elements in the game while the production team created all the assests and we have to carry on right through to the end. I am pretty impressed with my team they have been really great sacrificing their own time for the good the team.

In the midst of all this I had to find time to think about my minor project and the practice pitch which was today. Overall it went well but that could have been because everyone was so tried by the end of the session. The actual pitch will be on the 21st of May hopefully I will have to find some time in the middle of finishing the collaborative exercise to work on getting material together for the pitch.

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