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I have decided to make a short flash animation from the storyboard that I did for the RMIT Preselection Test. Here is the storyboard:

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I have been looking around for a good way of inserting video files into my WordPress Blog and I ran into Extreme Video Plugin which is a very nice plugin and does exactly what I was looking for. As a way of saving bandwidth this plugin will show a proxy image of the QuickTime logo and ask the user to click before the video starts loading. That's a nice feature but I really would like to see an image of the animation instead of the QuickTime logo so I had a look at the code for the plugin and found that most of the functionality for adding a user-defined image was there, all I had to do was change the code a little.

Here is the the modified version of the Extreme Video Plugin for WordPress, right click and ‘save link as':

The installation is the same as the original plugin.

To use it add the option qt_proxy_image="path_to_your_thumbnail" to your standard Extreme Video tag (look here for examples).

I haven't played around with the Style for this plugin that much, I just disabled the borders and paddings because my site has a white background and that made it look neater, you might have to play around to make it look right for your site.

Here is an example of a QuickTime video inserted into a WordPress blog:

[gv data=”” qt_proxy_image=”anims/thumbnails/ball_proxy.jpg”][/gv]

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David and Kate from AIM contacted me to let me know that I have been accepted to RMIT’s Animation and Interactive Media Graduate Diploma course for 2007! I am so happy about that and looking forward to next year!

I was looking around for different animation packages and found Moho which is a very nice 2D animation program at a reasonable price. It is a vector based program designed for key-framing, it is not so good for animating frame by frame. As far as I know it is the only 2D Animation program which has bones, which is a way of inserting a skeleton into the drawing of a figure for example and then manipulating the skeleton to make the figure move. It is very much like a 3D animation program (you can even do some 3D camera moves and particle systems) but all done with 2D Vector shapes. I did the following animation as a test to see how things worked in Moho.

[gv data=”gallery2/d/2279-1/” qt_proxy_image=”anims/thumbnails/busstop_proxy.jpg”][/gv]

I found animating with Moho straight forward and the fast interface response makes it enjoyable to use and the feature for changing line-widths for the outlines is great. Only problem I had with it was that when I went to export to SWF it had this long black rectangle in the middle of the screen so I ended having to export as Quicktime instead.

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I just submitted my Preselection Task responses to RMIT, it was an interesting exercise to do. It forced me to sit down and work on my ideas and follow them to see where they would lead. Anyway I did my best, will see what happens pretty soon.

The Melbourne Animation Festival is on, I have missed a fair bit of it but I am looking forward to see atleast the best of the festival on the weekend.

By the way I have uploaded a whole heap of my drawings to the website and I will be photographing my paintings and digitizing some more animation exercises I did years ago. So check out the gallery…


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Just got a call from Kate at RMIT AIM, my application had got misplaced and just arrived! So I only have 1 1/2 weeks to do the test instead of 3! Arghhhh….alright stay calm, deep breathes….

I probably wont be posting for a week then, so here are the life drawings I did yesterday.


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I found that John K. of Ren and Stimpy fame has a blog! Isn’t the net great!

I started reading some of his posts about caricature and thought I would give it a go again. My first try wasn’t too good, I used to remember when I was in high school the distinguishing features of the face would just jump out at me , now I seem to be just trying to get things in the right spots. I need to practice drawing a lot more all this computer stuff dulls down the senses.

Here is a sketch I did today to get back into drawing faces.


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The last week has been very hectic with getting a web host, moving my blog, doing a bit of design for the new site and getting Gallery to work with WordPress. But finally things are at a stage where they are usable, there are so many things which can be done with this new setup which I will probably explore a bit later. For now I am back to doing cartooning exercises, here is today’s:

Couple of weeks ago I put my application in for the RMIT, Master of Animation and Interactive Media, course and I received a letter acknowledging that my application has gone in but I havent heard anything more yet.