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After a long break, I went back to my weekly life drawing class at The Hut, only to find that there had been a mix up with booking the model so the class was turned into a portrait study with the students taking turns modelling, here are my drawings.


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After posting the first animatic for The Makeover I got some feedback from a couple of animation forums and I went back to the storyboard and changed a few things.

The suggestions that I received were in regards to the pacing, things started pretty slow and then went too quick, so I changed the story a little to address this. There was also the issue with showing exactly what the character wanted at the beginning, I added a scene at the start to help establish that.

Another thing that was mentioned was having a balance between the beginning, middle and the end of the story. Right now I think the ending is a bit quick, almost a surprise, I thought about how I could make it longer to balance out the other two acts but what I came up with felt unnecessary and just dragging things on so I left it as it was before.

I am interested to hear what people think of this new animatic.
Click the image below to see it:

Please excuse the laughter sounds at the start, it doesn’t sound right but I haven’t found a better sound effect yet.

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As a way of getting started with learning animation I have fleshed out The Makeover storyboard that I did a while ago called . The following is the animatic that I have so far, please click the image below to view it, it is an SWF.

I am looking to animate this little story in flash but before I go ahead with it I was hoping to get some guidance from more knowledgeable people about what I could do to improve it and the way I should go about it, so feel free to leave any feedback.

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I have been working on my animatic for The Makeover and I was getting ready for posting the animatic here when I realized that I need a preloader so I spent yesterday making a preloader. It is not the smallest preloader (might need a preloader for the preloader!) but it will do: