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Ok, I have been working really hard on this dancer, it is pretty tricky and there are lots of things I am not happy with but to change them I would basically have to start all over again, so I am going to just finish it the way it is. After all this is just a learning exercise.

Everything is animated except the turns, the contest closes tomorrow so I wont have time to do the turns but maybe I will finish it some other time. Click the image to see it.


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I have decided to called my animation for the Dance-Off Challenge Little Red Tiki Hood. Below is a work in progress preview, I still have to draw the dancer (not easy!) and also fine tuning some of the timing.

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Here is the main background for the dance-off challenge entry, it is based on the art of Shag which I particularly like.


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I am working on an entry for the Dance Off animation challenge at the animation forum which is due on the 15th. Here is a little storyboard for the fun of it.


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Here is an update on the dancer, I added a turn to make the loop a little bit more interesting.

What did I learn?

  • It makes it a lot easier to draw the stick figure if I think of which leg is supporting the body and exerting force while the figure is turning.