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I am still going through the AIM site looking at the links, the staff, the students and the alumini. While looking at David Atkinson’s site I found Mr Felix being mentioned! Mr Felix is responsible for the Mr Pumpy site
which inspired me to go bicycle touring in South East Asia. Previously
to that I had cycle toured in Tasmania and New Zealand for 3 months and
enjoyed it very much but cycling in a foreign culture and not knowing
the language was beyond my comfort zone. It was Mr Pumpy’s web site
with its quirky humour which inspired me (and my partner) to take the
plunge and spend 4 months cycling in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. And
now I find that Mr Felix was an ex student of AIM!

I enjoyed looking at David Atkinson’s web site…great photos and writing. Maybe one day I will get around to putting my travel photos together in a web site.

Did some more work on the 2Pi Cycles web page, wrote a basic version of the content. I’m not the best person to write sales blurbs but it will have to do. H is going to translate some of the German brochures for me to fill in the content. I have to start looking around for a web host.

2Pi Cycles is a small online shop that I want to setup for supplying quality German made touring bicycles to the Australian market. Good touring bikes are so hard to find in Australia, while when I was in Germany I could pick from a number of good quality touring bikes by just walking into the local bike shop. Anyway the market is very small so I am not really expecting anything to come of it but it has been a nice learning experience building the web site.

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  1. Gary Gidcomb

    I too have been Singapore to Bkk, to Laos on to Cambodia, Vietnam etc. Very safe, friendly people. Are you aware of any “Partners wanted” sites on the internet. I want a partner to go to India and Nepal.

  2. rumi

    Hi Gary,

    South East Asia was great cycling and I hope to go back sometime. My partner and I went to India in 2005 and followed the coast from Mumbai to Chenai. The highlights of the trip were studying yoga at the hill stations in Lonalavla, spending a month learning marble sculpture at a town of Mammalapuram and also the beach villages in Goa.

    But you will probably go north so I can’t comment on that but if you are looking for partners then try the thorn tree at the lonely planet site:

    All the best on your trip and maybe send a link if you have a web site.