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After a long break, I went back to my weekly life drawing class at The Hut, only to find that there had been a mix up with booking the model so the class was turned into a portrait study with the students taking turns modelling, here are my drawings.


2 Responses to “Life Drawing #10”

  1. anne King

    so nice to see walter, that must be aldo and is that sue? this must be tuesday 3 – 5 at the Hut I guess, nice to see your blog Rumi, keep up the good work. I let mine lapse and am in the process of getting another going but mainly as a catalogue of work for sale. cheaper than a website. loved the little dancer animation.

  2. rumi

    Hi Anne, nice to have a visitor from The Hut! You are right, it is the Tuesday class and it was a good session even though we didn’t have a model. But i must admit that I haven’t been able to attend the class since end of last year and looks like things are going to get even busier from now on.
    Thanks for your encouraging comments, please send a link to your site when you are done with it.