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Having put aside the Bicycle Tours Google Maps development for a while I came back to it today because of a comment that a user made. The problem that I was having was that when I put in all the points for my tracks as polylines the data started to get quite heavy and the performance went down, this was dissappointing because I wanted to add a lot more data, so I left it for a while.
Martin left a comment a little while ago that instead of feeding polylines to the Google Map I could create custom Tile Overlays from a KML file and then display the tile overlay with much better performance for large number of points.

That’s what I have been working on today and it turned out to be easier than I thought, Mike’s page was (as always) very useful. I looked around for a way of converting my GPX files to KML but after a little while I realized it would be much easier to modify my own code for GPX DRAW to output KML than to go searching for a converter which did what I wanted it to.

Once I had KML files for my routes all that I needed to do was to modify the Maps Module to display the overlays and that was it. I also added some filters so you can centre on various Tours, so far I have “Sydney to Melbourne”, “Tasmania” and “New Zealand”. The Tasmania and New Zealand tours dont have any photos attached to them because I didnt have a digital camera back then so I will need to scan the photos in can then manually place them. But I think I will leave that for now and do the “India” tour which does have digital photos available for it, the challenge there is with the maps, we could not find very good/detailed maps of India so the routes may not be very accurate.

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3 Responses to “Google Maps Tile Overlay”

  1. David McQuillen

    Love what you did with the tassie map and photos! I’m going to be cycling down there in a couple of weeks and ran across your site as I was looking for info. Looks like you-ve had some great bike trips! If you’d like an idea for your next one, check out , which I friend and I did from Lhasa to Kathmandu. Quite a ride….
    David, Switzerland

  2. rumi

    Hi David, good to have another fellow cycle tourist here. I checked out your site, what a ride! And for a good cause too, my hats off to you.
    I think you are going to enjoy the cycling in Tasmania very much. If you can check out Maria Island on the east coast.


  1.  Felix