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I have been pretty busy the last week or so working on a couple of flash projects. The first one was a Sky Diving game for promoting “The Fray’s” new album, “How to save a life”. Studio Emotion contacted me to do some coding, debugging and testing on the game before the release, it was a good experience and I enjoyed working on the game even though the time available was very short. I will put a link here when the game gets released, the album is due 22nd of July.

The second project was a very small one regarding passing Query Strings into Flash. It is very easy, the tricky part is to make sure you add the following java code to the html so that the query string is read from the url and passed on to the flash object.

Once that is done you just change the query string name in the above code and also the swf file name and then you have access to the value of the query string with the following flash code:

.....= _level0.yourQueryString;

The other project that I am working on is a little slideshow swf which reads an array of text and some images and then animates the text while revealing the images. The idea was to just have a little script which you could plug any text or image into. The following is a work in progress with only 2 images for testing. The idea was to have a wave come in and bring the text in and then reveal the image as it went out again. I need to do more work on the wave, right now it looks more like a curtain than a wave and also I want to make the text rotate a bit as it is pushed by the wave.

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