New Zealand Cycle Tour Photos and Google Map

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I just finished uploading the photos from my cycle tour of the North Island of New Zealand. I have also finished doing the google map which shows the route and cycling stats, to have a look click the image below. Please note that Internet Explorer seems to have some issues with displaying these google maps.

Back in Melbourne

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Well that’s the end of my North Island of New Zealand trip. I was expecting an easier tour but strong winds, knee problems and stuff at home, made this quite a testing trip. One thing is for sure, I definitely wont be flying with Qantas again, they seem to go out of their way to… Read more »


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I don’t know where this dog came from but it appointed itself as my guard dog and watched over my tent all night. I gave it some cheese and cornflakes in the morning, it liked the cheese but too fussy with the cornflakes. I know a certain border collie which doesn’t mind cornflakes at all.

Opotiki to Te Kaha

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I spent yesterday reading my book in the tent while the storm tried to uproot and flood the tent (with some success). Today has been a different day, it has been the most pleasant ride of the trip. The road between Opotiki and Te Kaha has light traffic and nice views of the active volcanoe… Read more »

Awakeri Springs to Opotiki

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Here I am with a gang of seagulls taking some time out from the madness of the last couple of days – the Labour Day weekend. The campgrounds have been packed with screaming kids and their parents. And today was the worst on the roads, I felt much safer on the roads in India! I’m… Read more »

Lost in Rotorua

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Giant tourist buses fly past me down the hill towards Rotorua, irritated that a two-wheeled vehicle without an engine dares to use their road. As I get closer, it smells as if the city needs to have its nappy changed. Everywhere I look there are bubbling pools of mud puffing out sulphurous fumes in my… Read more »

Deep Freeze

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I must have offended the wind gods at some point in my bumbling life, they have been really in my face lately. No matter which way I turn the bike, there is an icy headwind. Where is it coming from? Antartica? My kidneys have been put into deep-freeze and somewhere around the 40km mark my… Read more »