Back of Samtiq

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I haven’t touched the Samtiq since I finished animating my short film, but recently I got asked for some shots of the back of the Samtiq so they could see how it’s put together. I must admit the front looks a lot better than the back but here are some shot anyway:

The Blind Caterpillar – Final

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This film was made in 5 weeks for my minor project at RMIT University AIM. The inspiration for it came from a poem by the the 13th century Sufi Mystic, Jalal al-Din Rumi. Or here is the link to the YouTube version: I used the Samtiq which is a DIY-Cintiq that I made at… Read more »

Samtiq II – The glass surface

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After a lot of discussions with the glass shop about how 2mm glass is too thin and very easily broken, I ordered a circular piece of 3mm glass to be used for the working surface of the Samtiq. The glass has 3 holes drilled in it and bolts into the wood underneath it and then… Read more »

Samtiq II – the stand & first test

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My animation course has started and there is little time to do anything so I had to be very quick with building the stand for the Samtiq, and I didn’t take that many photos, here are some shots: I took it for a test ride and it is useable, it is not the brightest monitor… Read more »

Samtiq II – Building the enclosure

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Here are some of the thumbnails and doodles I did while trying to figure out what would be the best way to build an eclosure for my home-made Cintiq. I decided to use MDF to build the enclosure because it is easy to work with and will give pretty accurate rebates when a router is… Read more »

Samtiq II – Wacom Intuos3 9×12 arrives

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After waiting for an eternity for the computer retailer to get its act together, my Wacom Intuos3 has finally arrived! This is a beautiful piece of equipment: The Dell 1503fp that I stripped before (see previous posts) had been sitting in the corner collecting dust and now it was time to fire it up again… Read more »

Samtiq II

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Firstly a little bit about the Dell 1503fp before we get into the stripped version. Operating side-by-side with the Samsung 152T, this monitor is not very bright and the colours look muddy, the Samsung picture looked sharper, more contrasty and vivid. But if this means that I will have an operational unit then I will… Read more »

Samtiq #6 – Unstripping

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Alright I tested as much as I could with the Samsung 152T and now I am going to try something else, so I put the Samsung back together. Here is the result of UNstripping: It is harder to put the thing back together than stripping it! Specially because I had extended the controller cable and… Read more »

Tablet Resolution Explained

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Recently I purchased a UC-Logic graphics tablet and while giving feedback about the product to the company representative, I brought up the issue of tablet resolution. This is often measured in lpi or Lines Per Inch with some tablets going as high as 5000 lpi. My concern with the UC-Logic tablet was that it had… Read more »

Samtiq #5 – Shielding

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After carrying out a lot of tests on the Samtiq and finding problems with the jittering I started to shield various parts of the unit to see if that remedied the problem. Here is the extension cable which runs from the controller to the column drivers on the LCD. I have wrapped aluminum foil around… Read more »