Flash Slideshow with Captions via XML

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I have been working on a flash slideshow on and off and a couple of days ago I found http://whatdoiknow.org/archives/001629.shtml which does almost everything I wanted but not quite, so I got action-scripting. To see a demo of what I have done click the play button below.   Sorry. If you’re seeing this, your browser… Read more »

Navigation Bar

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I didn’t think putting a Navigation Bar would be so hard. I have spent the better part of the last day and a half wrestling with WordPress and Gallery2 embedded to put in a tabbed navigation bar so I have a link to my Gallery. Most of the problems arise from the fact that the… Read more »

Extreme Video Plugin modified

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I have been looking around for a good way of inserting video files into my WordPress Blog and I ran into Extreme Video Plugin which is a very nice plugin and does exactly what I was looking for. As a way of saving bandwidth this plugin will show a proxy image of the QuickTime logo… Read more »

Web Hosting

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I have been going through some of the old animations that I did at VanArts when I attended the Summer camp program and posting them here. I have managed to put 3 of them up, you should be able to see them as 3 icons on the side bar. Unfortunately… Read more »

Photo Database

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For a while now I have been thinking about getting my photos organized on the computer but it is such a daunting task that I have been putting it off and off. A couple of days ago I ran into a website which mentioned a photo library written in PHP… Read more »

2Pi Cycles

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I have spent the last couple of days working on a flash web site for an online bicycle store, specializing in touring bicycles. You can have a look here: 2Pi Cycles I am really happy with the birds, they are a swarm using flocking algorithm. The program is not that complicated but I decided to… Read more »