Life Drawing #10

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After a long break, I went back to my weekly life drawing class at The Hut, only to find that there had been a mix up with booking the model so the class was turned into a portrait study with the students taking turns modelling, here are my drawings.

Life Drawing 9

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I have been using watercolours in the lifedrawing sessions for the last month or so which has freed me up a bit. Although I think the poses are too short for handling colours, I always seem to run out of time before I have everything down, might have to try one of the longer sessions.

Life Drawings

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More lifedrawings from the last couple of weeks. In one session we had a belly-dancer pose for us which was an interesting change from the usual models.

Life Drawing

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After the detour with javascripts, Google Maps and perl scripts I am back to the drawing board. Here are some of my life drawings from the last month, I started experimenting with ink.

It’s done…

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I just submitted my Preselection Task responses to RMIT, it was an interesting exercise to do. It forced me to sit down and work on my ideas and follow them to see where they would lead. Anyway I did my best, will see what happens pretty soon. The Melbourne Animation Festival is on, I have… Read more »


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Just got a call from Kate at RMIT AIM, my application had got misplaced and just arrived! So I only have 1 1/2 weeks to do the test instead of 3! Arghhhh….alright stay calm, deep breathes…. I probably wont be posting for a week then, so here are the life drawings I did yesterday.

Changing Spaces

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I have spent the last couple of days registering a domain name, getting a web host and transfering my blog and files across to here. There is a lot of work involved, the blog sotware that I was using before was different to this one so I had to do a lot of manual editing,… Read more »