Dance-Off Background

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Here is the main background for the dance-off challenge entry, it is based on the art of Shag which I particularly like.

Gerald Mcboing boing

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Found a  bunch of  old UPA cartoons at this link: Bill Paolucci’s Gerald McBoing Boing Page I haven’t seen any of these before, it is quite interesting looking at the styles of these cartoons.

Extreme Video Plugin modified

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I have been looking around for a good way of inserting video files into my WordPress Blog and I ran into Extreme Video Plugin which is a very nice plugin and does exactly what I was looking for. As a way of saving bandwidth this plugin will show a proxy image of the QuickTime logo… Read more »

Back to cartooning

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The last week has been very hectic with getting a web host, moving my blog, doing a bit of design for the new site and getting Gallery to work with WordPress. But finally things are at a stage where they are usable, there are so many things which can be done with this new setup… Read more »

Life Drawing

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Here are some of my life drawings from the class yesterday. I am doing a bit of cartooning in flash everyday and getting used to the tools more and more. Here is another little exercise I did.

Tablet drawing

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Drawing with the tablet is quite tricky and a bit frustrating, I keep wanting to pickup a pencil which responds so much more predictably. I have been doing more cartooning exercises in flash and using the undo button alot because the lines just dont come out looking right and going over them creates some jagged… Read more »


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I have been meaning to improve my cartooning ability for a long time now. A couple of months ago my partner and I purchased a Mac, a tablet and the adobe web creative suite package which now includes flash and all the other goodies, so I didnt have any excuses any more. I started following… Read more »