Kaulah – Script

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It’s hard work writing a script, like pulling teeth out. After many revisions here is the script for my Major Project Kaulah, it’s time to start production so I am not going to make any more major changes. Kulah Script 08

The Blind Caterpillar – Final

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This film was made in 5 weeks for my minor project at RMIT University AIM. The inspiration for it came from a poem by the the 13th century Sufi Mystic, Jalal al-Din Rumi. Or here is the link to the YouTube version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_W69D6z3_A I used the Samtiq which is a DIY-Cintiq that I made at… Read more »


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I spent some time in the last 2 days colouring in and adding music to the animation that I did for Animation Club theme “oil”. The music is from Rammstein.

The Sneak – little animation test

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Here is a little test animation of The Sneak character that I did while testing out my new setup with the Samtiq (there are some problems but I might be able to find some work arounds, hopefully). (Roll the cursor on the image to see the animation, roll out to stop) ]>