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My partner has returned from Germany and she has brought with her a beautiful handcrafted CroMoly bicycle frame made by Patria, who have been building bicycle frames since 1898. This is the Ranger model which I bought last year on the German ebay, I have been waiting for it for a long time and it is finally here and I am starting to put together my new touring bike.

Here is an image of the frame:


Here is an image of my old touring bike:


This bike has a CroMoly Shogun SE frame, a Velotraum CroMoly fork with disk brake mounts, Rohloff SpeedHub, Magura Louise FR disk brakes(front) and HS 22 rim brakes(back), Brooks leather saddle and of course Schwalbe Marathon XR tyres. In the next couple of weeks I will be transplanting these components onto the new Patria frame to create a great touring bike.

The Ranger is a 700 bike while the Velotraum fork that I have is for a 26″ bike. After doing some test rides on the Patria with its own fork, I am looking to replace the factory fork with the Velotraum fork to make use of my disk brakes. The only thing is that I am not sure how different a 26″ fork is to 700 fork, if replacing the 700 fork with a 26″ fork changes the geometry of the bike too much then I will have to stay with rim brakes, but I am hoping that these forks will have similar lengths.

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