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Here are some photos of my project car “Inka”:


2 Responses to “BMW 2002 Restoration – Inka”

  1. Virgil Grillone

    Hey: Your restore project looks great. I have a question for you. I’m looking to buy a ’74, 2002. The engine is tight, but there is considerable rust on the rear shock towers. Yours looks completely clean. Did you have rust? Do you know if those towers/wells are available. I’d prefer to cut them out and re-weld new ones.

  2. rumi

    Hi Virgil,

    My Inka project has taken a backseat with the arrival of a new baby and building a house. It will be a long term project.
    Regarding the shock towers, I didn’t have any rust there. Not sure if you can buy them new, there may be a third-party company re-fabricating them but you could find a 2002 that is being sold for parts and has good towers, cut them out and re-weld them to your frame.

    I love these cars, they are so much fun to work on! Good luck with it,