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I haven’t touched the Samtiq since I finished animating my short film, but recently I got asked for some shots of the back of the Samtiq so they could see how it’s put together. I must admit the front looks a lot better than the back but here are some shot anyway:



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  1. Benjamin Tay

    Hi there fellow animator Rumi,

    I was just wondering. I like your Samtiq device a lot. Unfortunately, I do not have the engineering skills to build one of my own.

    Suppose I were to hire you to build me one of these, would you be willing to accept?

    Oh and total price would have to be at least half of a Cintiq 12wx. You see, I’m currently still a student and am not able to afford a real Cintiq 12wx.

    Just wondering. Please respond if you’re interested! :D