Minor Project – The Greedy Caterpillar Script

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I’m working on a linear narrative animation of around 2 minutes for my minor project at RMIT AIM. The working title of the piece is The Greedy Caterpillar. Here is the script: EXT. VINEYARD MISTY MORNING Close-up of a grape leaf with a caterpillar egg on it. Titles fade in, the egg gives a little… Read more »

Practice Pitch

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I haven’t been posting much on the blog lately because there has been so much going on at school, it’s has been unbelievable, not really a moment to spare since I started the web portrait assignment. I am the engine team leader for the collaborative project which has meant working from the start of the… Read more »

Web Portrait finished

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Wow, talk about hectic! The last week has been a whirlwind but my web portrait is finally done. And it is good to see what everyone else has done too, but cann’t linger too long in this course it is start into a crash course in game design and the unreal games engine.


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I spent some time in the last 2 days colouring in and adding music to the animation that I did for Animation Club theme “oil”. The music is from Rammstein.

RMIT AIM- Storytelling Exercise 3 – Character

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The following is my response to Storytelling Exercise 3. 1. The Profile Who is the character? a failed (never really tried that hard) artist walks with crutches although he doesn’t need them constantly lying to make himself look good What does he feel? frustrated inferior jealous What does he think? “I am so clever, I’m… Read more »

RMIT AIM – Day 14

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Animation In today’s class with David Atkinson, we started by looking at Still life with aeroplanes by Lloyd, a trippy and marvelous film sitting somewhere inbetween the analogue and digital world. Tips: Find out what is important and leave out the rest Different parts of the body have different weights and travel at different rates… Read more »

RMIT AIM – Day 13

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Digital Imaging Matt Riley was taking us today and showing us that animation does not necessarily have to conform to narrative, t can be form driven, sound driven, mood driven etc. There are other ways of communicating than using character and plot. The computer has helped open up the media and now there are many… Read more »

RMIT AIM – Day 12

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Storytelling This week’s course notes: http://aim.adc.rmit.edu.au/kcawley/scr_sboard.html Storyboards used to visualize/refine ideas to stream line production process and communicate with others provide description of physical environment of a sequence( set design/background) provide information about mood, lighting, editing may provide brief notation on dialogue/sfx within a shot or the transition between shots don’t show motion, actions within… Read more »