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I have spent the last couple of days working on a flash web site for an online bicycle store, specializing in touring bicycles. You can have a look here: 2Pi Cycles

I am really happy with the birds, they are a swarm using flocking algorithm. The program is not that complicated but I decided to write it in an Object Oriented form in actionscript so I ended up spending a lot of time figuring things out about new stuff in flash.

The other thing that caused a lot of headaches for me was the TextArea component of flash. This component is meant to allow you to display HTML code in a scrollable window inside flash but there seems to be a lot of bugs in it. I used this component to display the various conent pages on the web site, thinking that it would be easier to have the content in HTML instead of hard-coded in flash but the whole thing turned into a big ordeal and right now I want to spend more time preparing my application to RMIT than banging my head against Flash bugs so ended up having to fudge the html until it looked right inside flash.

For the preloader I want to animate a little cyclist going around until till the movie is fully loaded when he finally find his way out.

I went to life drawing again this week, still a bit rusty but I am slowly getting back into it. Here are some samples from the last 2 weeks.

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