Samtiq #4 – Experimenting

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I have had a little bit of time to do some tests and there have been some interesting things happening but I need time to do more tests to double check things. First of all this tablet has a pen reading height of 25 mm above the tablet case. The sensor doesn’t sit as deeply… Read more »

Samtiq #3 – Tablet arrives

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After a long wait the UC-Logic 1209 has arrived: The first impressions of the tablet are that it is well made, not as nicely manufactured as the Wacom tablet but it is not super cheaply made either. The pen uses batteries inside it which I thought might make the pen feel strange but it actually… Read more »

Samtiq #2 – Cable Extension

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After stripping the monitor as discussed in the last DIY Cintiq post, I ordered the FFC extension cable from DIY-Beamer and it arrived yesterday which was pretty quick considering DIY-Beamer is in Austria and I am in Australia. :) I was a bit worried that I may have counted the tiny pins on the FFC… Read more »

Cycle Touring Travel Section

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I have added a Travels tab in the menu above which will take you to a page with a number of my cycle tours around the world documented using Google Maps with photos from Gallery2, this will help organize things a bit better.

Building a Touring Bike

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My partner has returned from Germany and she has brought with her a beautiful handcrafted CroMoly bicycle frame made by Patria, who have been building bicycle frames since 1898. This is the Ranger model which I bought last year on the German ebay, I have been waiting for it for a long time and it… Read more »

The Monk and the Fish

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This is one of my favorite animated shorts. The movement of the Monk is so comical and stylized, the minimal and beautiful design and lack of dialogue help this piece speak louder to soul. It is by Michael Dudoc de Wit.

Samtiq – Monitor Stripping

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While I had been busy developing the Glad Happy Feet flash game, the parts of the Samtiq have been slowly arriving. The 14V power supply for the monitor arrived yesterday and I tested the monitor, it’s working fine so I started the task of stripping the monitor. Here is the monitor before stripping starts: This… Read more »

Happy Feet Online Game

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Ok I’m back, after what seems to me like a long detour into the land of flash advertising-game development. This was a freelance gig for glad which is using the characters from the movie Happy Feet to advertise one of it’s products. If you are interested here is a link to the game: There… Read more »