Home-made Cintiq

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I’m excited to announce that I will be starting work on a home-made Cintiq which I am calling Samtiq. :) A little bit of background first. Cintiq is a product from Wacom catering for artists, animators and designers. It is the same as a drawing tablet with the difference that you are drawing on the… Read more »

Smooth(er) Timer-based Flash Scroller AS3.0

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Today I started working on a new daily animation piece which required a scroller. One thing led to another and I started writing a scroller class in Actionscript 3.0 working with Flash Professional Public Alpha. I wanted a scroller which could attach itself to any graphic and create two instance on each side of the… Read more »

Little Red Tiki Hood – 2nd Prize Winner!

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The little animation piece, Little Red Tiki Hood, which I did for the November Challenge at AnimationForum has won 2nd prize! I was awarded one Silver Talent Point to my account at the forum and I can’t wait to get my miniature Iron Giant figurine! :) http://www.animationforum.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2174

Little Red Tiki Hood – Final

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Here is the finished piece, there is heaps of stuff I can fix but I am well and truly out of time on this one, it was a great learning experience.

Little Red Tiki Hood – animation update #2

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Ok, I have been working really hard on this dancer, it is pretty tricky and there are lots of things I am not happy with but to change them I would basically have to start all over again, so I am going to just finish it the way it is. After all this is just… Read more »

Little Red Tiki Hood – animation update #1

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I have decided to called my animation for the Dance-Off Challenge Little Red Tiki Hood. Below is a work in progress preview, I still have to draw the dancer (not easy!) and also fine tuning some of the timing.

Dance-Off Background

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Here is the main background for the dance-off challenge entry, it is based on the art of Shag which I particularly like.