Google Maps

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I have been diving into the Google Maps API for the last couple of days. After finding the nice Google map module for WordPress I started looking for a way of geocoding the photos that I took while travelling around the world on a bicycle. One solution is to find the geocode for a photo… Read more »

Photo Map

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I have been wanting to do a photo travelogue web page of the cycling tours that I have gone on for the past 5 years for a long while now. It has been on the back of my mind, bubbling away and yesterday I ran into a Gallery2 Module which makes what I wanted to… Read more »

Navigation Bar

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I didn’t think putting a Navigation Bar would be so hard. I have spent the better part of the last day and a half wrestling with WordPress and Gallery2 embedded to put in a tabbed navigation bar so I have a link to my Gallery. Most of the problems arise from the fact that the… Read more »

Flash Development

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I have been pretty busy the last week or so working on a couple of flash projects. The first one was a Sky Diving game for promoting “The Fray’s” new album, “How to save a life”. Studio Emotion contacted me to do some coding, debugging and testing on the game before the release, it was… Read more »

The Makeover

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I have decided to make a short flash animation from the storyboard that I did for the RMIT Preselection Test. Here is the storyboard:

Extreme Video Plugin modified

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I have been looking around for a good way of inserting video files into my WordPress Blog and I ran into Extreme Video Plugin which is a very nice plugin and does exactly what I was looking for. As a way of saving bandwidth this plugin will show a proxy image of the QuickTime logo… Read more »

Accepted to RMIT!

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David and Kate from AIM contacted me to let me know that I have been accepted to RMIT’s Animation and Interactive Media Graduate Diploma course for 2007! I am so happy about that and looking forward to next year! I was looking around for different animation packages and found Moho which is a very nice… Read more »