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Here is a little ruby script which will get a wordpress site installed quickly:


Usage: wordpress_setup my_project

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Ssh to server and do:

That creates the remote git directory.
Now locally add the capistrano plugin to the development part of Gemfile

Make sure the database.yml has been modified for production, with correct database logins.

To setup the local git repo:

From local app dir:

Replace config/deploy.rb with:

Then run cap commands:

Because it is a shared host some gems can not be built by normal users (e.g mysql), and the deploy will fail. Ask support to build them, then try deploying again.

Support will build the gems and put them in shared directory of your app. You can copy the gems and specifications directory out of here and put them in your ~/ruby/gems/ directory so next time you wont need support to build the gems for your new app.